• Recycle Roadshow.


Do you also want to contribute to our next collection? Recycle with us! You can find a recycle bin instore at one of our Blue LOOP retailers.


We dream of a world where we show more conscious stewardship over the resources with longer lasting products that do not create new waste.

Strong together.

Sympany’s journey towards a more sustainable society began over 30 years ago. Then they started collecting textiles in the Netherlands.


The Amsterdam Sweater is a cool, durable and above all stylish crewe sweater. The sweater has a unique embroidery with an Amsterdam twist. A unique item from the city of Amsterdam with which you contribute to a smaller ecological footprint of the clothing industry. The sweater contains recycled jeans fibres, which means we save a lot of water in addition to CO2. The soft sweater is perfect for a walk or bike ride along the Amsterdam canals.

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What are you waiting for?

We have found ways to turn your worn-out jeans into something new. Look in your wardrobes – you might be holding on to an old pair of jeans. Hand it in and we will make sure that it is used to make something valuable again.